Welcome to the Domestic Administrator!

I became the Domestic Administrator a little suddenly after my parents died within six weeks of each other. I had resigned my job I loved in healthcare to take care of my dad during his final months –  which became only one month. He passed and while taking some time to manage the estate with my sibs, my husband had the idea I could do some “Domestic Administrator” duties while home. At first I was taken aback by the concept. But then I grew to like the title. It fit all those tasks and small projects we do to manage a household, save money, clean, improve efficiencies, reduce waste,  navigate the ever confusing healthcare system, maybe garden, maintain a social calendar to improve longevity, nurture friends and family relationships and course, make home “purty.” I realized that I’ve always been a Domestic Administrator, single and married, and so are you regardless of whether you work outside the home or not. A DA is not gender specific. A DA makes a house a home.

My loves:

Warren Buffet

Mother Teresa

Lean Process Improvement

MBTI Type – My preference is ENFJ and my husband’s type preference is ISTJ. Comment if you know yours!

Da Vinci and Michelangelo – hmmm, creativity,,, ingenuity….can’t decide

My mantras:

In Moderato

Any more would be too much

The 12 Dynamic Laws of Domestic Administration

1. Just like exercise equipment, you aren’t going to use the expensive electric ice cream maker if you have it covered with books, magazines and other clutter.

2. Creating meals from leftovers sometimes begets more leftovers. Embrace the creativity.

3. Even though we live in a land of plenty, it’s really NOT okay to waste food.

4. Self-interest is an acceptable core value as long as you put away some of the savings and give to others. Which leads us to:

Give to Grow.  Share and Care.  Create Compassionate Connections.

5. Just like trying to lose weight, the only way to know where your money goes is to log your    expenses every day.

6. The only way to know how long it takes to do a task is to actually measure it. Really, your mind is not THAT good at estimating time.

7. Be kind to yourself. It’s OK to occasionally treat yourself with special splurge.

8. The best way to take care of others is not to be a burden to others.  Manage yourself first.

9. Be honest with yourself. Do you really need five kinds of cheeses in the cheese bin at one time?

10. Domestic Administration is a job. Take a rest – exercise – sleep – and refresh your mind for the next spreadsheet and “to do” list.

11. Patience. Small wins.  Perseverance.  A better mousetrap.  All lead to a few nickels, dimes and quarters over a day.  A couple of dollars a day X 365  > $500.

12. Be green. Try at least. Do you really think the earth is going to last for your great-great grandchildren in 2100 at the rate we are using it up?

Thanks for stopping by and joining the DA Community!

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