Scrambled Eggs

Yes, scrambled eggs. Eggs are wonderful. They get a bad rap from a nutritional standpoint but remember the DA’s motto – In Moderato.

Treat eggs like, well, a treat. Treat eggs gently and well. The best eggs I have ever eaten were at the Hilton Hotel at the Rome Airport. I had been robbed in the Cinque Terra by a herd of young ladies, got back safely to Rome and just wanted a hot bath and a warm bed. The breakfast eggs sent me on my way home to the US with most pleasant memories. I’ve tried to duplicate them ever since.

After much research and testing, my scrambled eggs do best when I:

1) Preheat my skillet on gas mark 4.

2) Don’t use a lot of butter. Just enough to coat the pan.

3) Don’t overbeat the eggs. I think I read that from Julia Child.

4) Add just a pinch of salt to breakdown the protein. Per Larousse Gastronomique.

5) Don’t use a whisk. Just a fork. Not sure why except maybe the whisk aerates the mixture too much.

6) Cook slowly. Very slowly. Allow at least 10 minutes for good creamy eggs that are like a lumpy custard rather than dry curds. It takes a least six minutes, occasionally stirring the bottom of the pan with a fork for the eggs to start setting. Don’t rush the process. If you are in a hurry, don’t eat scrambled eggs.

7) Don’t use milk.

8) For a little extra tang, I disperse one teaspoon of cream cheese in small pieces in the eggs. But this is not always necessary.

Scrambled Eggs for One


3 large eggs, preferable, cage free

1/8 tsp salt

Start heating your skillet at gas mark 4 which may be medium on an electric range. You will need to test your own range. I butter my skillet using an butter wrapping, placing it in the skillet and “painting” the butter around the skillet with brush.

Butter your pan quickly and remove

Crack the eggs into a bowl and add the salt. Gently stir the eggs in a bowl just until mixed and egg whites are incorporated – not stringy. You should not be able to lift egg white up and out of the mixture.

Pour the egg mixture into the pan and let it set. If the edges started curling in and you are hearing a frying sound, your pan is too hot. Remove and allow to cool.

Every minute or so, GENTLY stir the bottom of the pan. Do not be vigorous. Allow at least 5-6 minutes for the eggs to begin to set. Don’t worry. The slower the creamer.

As the eggs begin to set, watch your skillet temperature. Continue to stir and begin to scrape and turn the eggs.

Your eggs should look like this:

Soft, luscious scrambled eggs.

OK, I agree. Three eggs are a lot. Split in half and save for another day. Just don’t reheat on High! Be gentle, reheat slowly in the microwave on level 2-3.

Enjoy! Happy eating!

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