More Staycation Tips – creating your environment

We learned some great things in our recent staycation experiment. First, both of us did better than expected in not letting the regular home environment interfere with “vacation.”  Second, it gave us an even greater perspective of “enough” – true contentment with what you have. Finally, pre-planning helped tremendously and although we only had a couple of days to design, any time you can give to creating the atmosphere and visually reinforcing the environment is tremendously helpful in mentally vacating from your chores and routine.

Some additional tips to creating your staycation environment –

Sleep in another bedroom. If you have an additional bedroom, set up vacation in that room. Create your favorite vacation experience with flowers, pillows, candles, scents, or whatever will provide you with sensory details to remind you of a vacation destination.

Create a video frame of your vacation favorites. My husband moved the video frame of several of our vacations to the second bedroom. One might think you might regret that you can’t take that big trip this year, but really, it makes you thankful you were able to go anywhere at all and relish in the memories of the trip.

Simple Pleasures. Use your leftover hotel products to reinforce your vacation or “away” mindset. Buy some special soaps or lotions that reflect the destination you are trying to create.

Use up you gift cards – whatever they are!  If you are a gift card saver, this is the time to use them up. Even if it is a shopping trip to Target.  

Visit your church bulletin sponsors. If you are wondering where to go, take a look at your church bulletin sponsors. The advertisers would appreciate the business and you are doing a good deed by supporting their sponsorship.  

Design your trip around a popular event.  Is it July and you can’t go see the Tour de France? Bring France to you. Watch the tour, enjoy some French wine. If you are cooking at home, set a Provence style cafe tabke and cook a French meal.  Or go out to a French restaurant.  Take a French cooking class or watch on Youtube. Buy some French products online and enjoy opening and using them. Use a map to “visit” a couple of popular cities, read up on the history, visit a museum with Impressionists works, or even go on line to learn historical details. Go for a bike ride. Order a French movie online.  Learn a couple of simple French phrases.

Create a wine or brewery tour – Mike’s a novice brewmaster so we always include a brewery tour or brewpub wherever we go. If you can’t go to a winery or brewery, bring it to your staycation.  Choose a region such as Colorado, California or the Northwest and design a tour with the brew, wine and some regional treats.

The important thing is separate from your routine, disconnect from chores, open and clear your mind of the ceaseless “listing” of things to do, quiet the voice that wants to critique, and just – enjoy the moment.

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