Let’s Talk Peaches

I love peaches but I think they are the most challenging of fruits to select and ripen.  You never know what you are going to get once they ripen. You can be anticipating perfect peaches for a pie and you may just wind up with a pile of tasteless mush.

I’ve learned just to stay away from the slightly green ones which I am sure some expert would disagree with me on. I like cling-free peaches just because they are easier to split and slice. Your peach, your choice.

Peach and Potato Partnership

I know the literature says put in a closed bag with an apples but apples aren’t exactly cheap. Unless it’s those sad apples in the store that have been in their own storage for the last six months.  I just hate to buy one fruit to ripen another. And then you have to remind yourself to buy an apple to ripen a peach or put it on the list.

How to improvise?  I spied a small red potato in the kitchen and thought I would try that. I seem to always have small “c” red potatoes so no extra purchase there. The ethylene charts indicate potatoes are slow emitters but I thought I would try them anyway.

It worked. After 3 days, my hard, yellow peaches turned into perfectly tender, yellow-red globes of lush.  The peel came off in nice thin layers opening up to a beautiful yellow, slick, juicy fruit.  Perfect, perfect, perfect.

I keep the same potato in the bag for weeks. Perhaps the ethylene collects in the bag. Not sure.  Regardless, I have used this technique all summer. It won’t correct a mealy peach. A mealy peach is a mealy peach and it happens in the “conditioning process.”

Let me know how this works for you!  Share your comment below!

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