Storing Strawberries

I love strawberries. Not the gigantic cloned, red, white and green ones we usually get in stores that look like they represent someone else’s national flag. You know the ones I am talking about that when you slice them they are actually hollow on the inside. What’s up with that? I prefer, as I am sure you do, the small to medium sized, beautiful glossy, all-over ruby fruits sprinkled with little brown seeds, with no hint of white, off white, cream, sand or alabaster near their crowns or green variations near their tips. Yes, I will splurge on organic if the price is right for this fruit.

So how to keep them lovely for several days so you can enjoy a daily pleasure moment of real, juicy strawberries?

I did some research. Keep the moisture out. Remove the mold spores. Store flat. One website said to wash with a vinegar solution and allow to dry. Results for me? A slight vinegar taste. Perhaps my percentages were off but I wasn’t wild and crazy about vinegar on my fruit anyway. So I did some experimenting and these options seem to work consistently over the last month with different strawberry purchases:

1) Prepare a solution of one tablespoon lemon juice (out of a bottle) and 1 cup cold water.

2) Place strawberries in a colander. Sprinkle the lemon juice over the berries to coat. I suppose you could make a larger quantity of solution and dip them. Whatever you choose.

3) Rinse and let air dry flat on some paper towels. You could use a hairdryer on very, very low heat or cool to expedite the process just be careful on too much heat. I do use a hairdryer on mushrooms after washing to keep them from soaking up too much water and it works marvelously. Beats trying to dry them with a cotton towel and much quicker.

4) If at all possible, store flat in one layer. If not, place back in the store container with a paper towel lining and use strawberries first from the bottom of the container.

Yes it seems like a lot of work. Time it though. Prep time and work time isn’t more than 10 minutes and you have a lot less chance of losing yummy natural goodness and worse, from a DA perspective, wasting money by wasting food, which is a real no-no in the DA world.

Keep me posted!

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