What’s New with Celery

You know celery. You buy it, use a couple of stalks to create a base for a stew or gumbo and then it can sit in the veggie drawer for a couple of weeks turning brown and begging for attention.

For storing, I’ve found the best methods are to cut and store in water, or cut, roll in wet paper towels and store in a ziplock bag. Anything to delay browning before you can think of something clever to use it for and usually that thought passes rather quickly when there are so many other interesting veggies in your bin.

I do keep celery on the counter while cooking. My husband says I eat a whole meal before eating just through the tasting, retasting and third-tasting of dishes. So the celery gives my fingers something to do and really does limit my tastings.

Last night I was challenged to create something unusual with celery. As I was cutting the celery, I realized it was rather like iceberg lettuce. Light green, crisp, full of water, and a little limited on nutritional value as compared to other dark green or colored veggies. So what to do to dress it up?

I mentally reframed celery as a salad base like lettuce instead of an addition. Chop up celery and then add other interesting items you have in the fridge.

For me:

Kalamata olives

Feta cheese

Grape tomatoes

Green onions

Add in a quick and easy white balsamic viniagrette and sprinkled with your choice of herbs. Salt and pepper to taste.

Voile! A nice healthy lunch, more celery to go in me and less to go in the composter.Enjoy!

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