A Summer Treat – Emerald Pluot Jam

One of the main purposes of this project is to share ideas in managing the home in an efficient yet pleasing manner. I admit- I enjoy food. The foods we have available to us now are absolutely amazing and growers/hybridists (is there such a word?) are creating some of the most beautiful, tasty fruit in the plum/apricot family.

Honestly, I haven’t always been a plum girl – always reminded me of the basic purples I grew up with. But who knew there ever be gorgeous emeralds, mangos and pomepluots to choose from? So, although still working on my self-control factor, the plums lay there in all their glory in the fruit bins, calling to me to buy not one, but four. And then I go to Savannah for a speaking engagement and three are left in the basket to ripen very nicely over five days.

What to do? Don’t want to waste them. Can’t eat them all in one day ( could but I have to watch my daily fruit intake.) I wish to enjoy them in some manner so using the rapid cycle process improvement or idea generation technique, try something interesting with one pluot. If it works, try with a larger batch.

I love jam. I don’t eat a toasted item everyday for breakfast so a jar lasts quite a long time. I’ve been known in my past life to make too many jars of jams that go to waste because two people in a household really don’t need to eat  12 jars of raspberry and 10 jars of blackberry rosemary jam and one only has so many friends to give them away to. So, for small households, let’s try one jar at a time. Savor the “fruit” of summer.

Single Pluot Jam

One ripe emerald pluot

1-3 tsps of sugar to your taste

2 tsp water (a small splash if you don’t feel like measuring)

One quick squeeze of a lemon slice (not too much. You want the taste of the pluot, not the lemon. This is just to brighten the flavor and preserve the color. If you are the measuring sort, 1/8 tsp is enough.)

Peel, half and  pit the pluot. (Don’t sweat the peel too much. It will slide off during cooking.) This is supposed to be easy, enjoyable and creating a controlled amount to enjoy. Slice and coarsely chop the pluot and put in a small saucepan.

Add 1 tsp of sugar initial and the water. Simmer the mixture on medium for 10 minutes. Stir occasionally and watch to  make sure it doesn’t burn. Taste occasionally and add 1-2 tsps of sugar to your taste and to manage the tart/sweet nature of your pluot.

Keep simmering until the mixture thickens as the sugar will carmelize, the water content reduces and your jam is transforming to a thick, sticky consistency that will be spreadable but not runny.

Pls, no comments about my pot. 🙂 It’s the BEST pot!

Cool, jar and refrigerate. Enjoy!

Any more jam would be too much

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