At some point, Domestic Administrator duties may include coordinating or actually providing  daily care for chronic or terminally ill family members. You may find yourself as the “team lead”  for your siblings or the only lead in this soulful process. No matter what your knowledge base, caring for a parent with a terminal condition is a solemn, courageous, loving yet chaotic journey. Caring for two parents who are on separate paths to eternity can be doubly painful.    

Managing the End…to Bridge  the Beginning is a caregiver’s guide based on my own family experience with caring for my mother battling pancreatic cancer during the last year of her life and my father’s rapid decline after a 10 year battle with his own chronic condition.Throughout the book, I offer dozens of practical tips and words of encouragement for anyone this special journey. Subjects include:

  • Practicing “TCOY”
  • Managing difficult conversations
  • Proactively managing work responsibilities
  • Practical tips for managing estate matters
  • Tips for family and friends of caregivers

I hope you find help and comfort in the work. Best wishes.

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